The How, What, and Why of Worship at OneLife

The How, What, and Why of Worship (summary)

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom,singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”   Colossians 3:16

What is worship?

How do we worship?

I’m willing to wager that those two questions are among the top most controversial topics church leaders can “discuss.” That said, I’m not afraid to tell you my answers and give my opinion. Why? As the worship leader of a growing part of God’s kingdom, I need this as a sort of mission statement. Mission statements are important! There’s a reason churches, businesses, clubs, and even small groups ALL have them. They give us direction and a standard for which to compare future strategies. I’ve spent considerable time in reflection, reading, and prayer to bring to light this worship philosophy. It’s not exactly a traditional “mission statement” but it’s what I believe God wants to use as a set of standards for the future of worship ministry at OneLife Church.

What follows is a summary of my philosophy of worship (the “How, What, and Why of Worship at OneLife.”)

  1. Our worship will NEVER be performance focused.
  2. Everything we do will be to the benefit of all members of the worship experience.
  3. Every member of our leading team will be of sound moral character as fits a follower of Christ.
  4. Every member of our leading team will be part of a small group.
  5. OneLife worship team will strive to support the vision God has provided to the leadership of the church.

Each of these points is directly tied to how and why we worship.

“That’s interesting, but…”

There is a fair amount of controversy hidden in those 5 simple requirements, I realize. For example, I’m sure to hear “but without a good performance, it’s just distracting!” This is very true and believe me I’ve thought of it. It’s not that I don’t want your comments, in fact, I do want them…badly! Feedback is the best way for me to make sure what I’m doing is what’s best for you. Don’t harass me, but please make some comments, either here, or on Facebook, or personally.

To be Continued…

This is not where the story ends. I will explain my thoughts and reasoning behind each one of those points. To keep this short, I condensed, but there will be posts to follow explaining why I have chosen each of those, and maybe why I’ve rejected other popular positions. For now, please stay tuned and be patient over then next week or so as I prepare those articles.

Also, I’ll explain why Colossians 3:16 (above) is what I consider the best verse to describe what our worship should look like.